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Deco Glass has more than 10 years‘ experience specializing in many decorative glass, such as satin glass, frosted glass, etched pattern glass, etched pattern mirror, painted pattern glss and so on. The company is located in Shandong since 2003.
Our products are widely used for interior and exterior decoration in hotels, restaurants, bars, office, home and other public places.
With best techniques, top quality, competitive price, and perfect service, our products have been well exported to many countries and areas all over the world. And Deco Glass has obtained a high reputation in the international markets.
You are welcome to visit our company for friendly cooperation.
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Add: Modern Glass Industrial Base, Shandong Prov., China
Tel:  +86 632 5911182
Fax: +86 632 5911182
Skype: cndecoglass

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