Anti-slip glass floors and treads
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Summary:Glass as a flooring option introduces new architectural opportunities allowing designers to play with color & light; defining space. DECO’s Anti-Slip Glass Floors & Treads are fully tested and engineered walking surfaces designed to instill confidence. Even in the most demanding traffic conditions DECO Glass flooring will exceed expectations; wet or dry.

DECO anti-slip glass is one kind of safety new floor material.

Interlayer technology is widely used in this glass. On the glass surface, there is one anti-slip pattern was press by special method,.

There are two kinds: Permanent anti-slip glass and high-strength anti-slip glass.

Skid-resistant glass  Anti-slip lass  Anti-skid glass

ASG-001                                    ASG-002                                ASG-003


Anti-slip glass floors and treads

1.Anti-skidding, anti-moist, antibiosis
2.Anti-dirt, easy to clean
3.High-strength, safe

Product Name:

Anti-slip glass, Anti-skid glass, Slip-resistant glass, Slip-proof glass, Skid-resistant glass

Product Features:

1. anti-skidding, anti-moist, antibiosis
2. anti-dirt, easy to clean
3. bright, colorful, artistic
4. high-strength, safe

Standard Size:

Max .size: 1830*2440mm
Standard size: 600*600mm
Single layer thickness:8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Laminated thickness: As design

Product type:

1. anti-slip glass floor
2. anti-slip glass stairs
3. fire rated anti-slip glass
4. bullet proof anti-slip glass
5. anti-slip glass stages
6. anti-slip underground light glass
7. Anti-slip and switchable glass floor
8. LED anti-slip glass floor


1. hotels, restaurants, coffee shops
2. stages, stairs, landscape lobbies
3. showcases, KTV and other entertainments, clubs
4. Road surface where need to be marked, such as airport, railway stations, sports center, super markets, museum, shopping malls, etc.

Anti-slip glass application  

Attention :

1. The bearing capacity is different as the difference structure,such as superterranean or solid floor.
2. Please considerate various kind of thickness anti-skid glass as the different place.
3. Please contact us for more information as your detail question.


EN 14449: glass in building – laminated glass and laminated safety glass
ASTM C1172: laminated architectural flat glass
ISO 12543-1~6: glass in building – laminated glass and laminated safety glass
ASTM C1028-07 Anti-slip test (passed)

MOQ (Minimum of Quantity):

1 piece, 1 sheet

Reference Cost:

USD 80~ USD 306 per square meter, as design

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