All about Acid Etched Glass (Part IV)
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Summary:Acid -etched glass is becoming trendy in design and construction. The consistency and durability of the finish can reduce glare and reflection, add privacy, increase light transmission, and provide texture. It is important to select the right acid-etched glass for an application, and avoid marking issues during its storage and fabrication.

Write the right specifications

Architects and designers constantly look for new ways to use glass in exterior and interior applications. Writing proper specifications, especially when distinctive and unique types of glass are choose, is critical to ensure the desired design is achieved. Acid-etched glass is no exception. If care is not take, the glass ordered and installed on the jobsite may be nothing like the product selected based on samples submitted.

To ensure the acid-etched glass products selected are actually used by the general contractor, glass fabricator, and glazier, the following information should be included in the specifications:

l  Name of manufacturer;

l  Product brand name;

l  Glass thickness;

l  Substrate (glass or mirror);

l  Tint (e.g. clear, ultra-clear, blue, green, black, bronze, grey);

l  Type of finish (name); and

l  Whether to etch on one or two glass faces.


Warranties and standards are often overlooked when writing specifications.  Inherent in the float glass process are small gaseous inclusions and minor abrasions. Consequently, occasional, smallbubblesand hairlines are normal and acceptable under recognized standards; from a normal viewing distance, they are barely noticeable.

To ensure acid-etched products are made from float glass that conforms to industry standards, the manufacturer should be consulted.

Clearly, it is important to be specific about the nature of the acid-etched glass product required. Communicating specifications in detail to a glass professional can help ensure the chosen product meets desired goals and objectives. 

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